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I used to listen to hypnotherapy videos on You Tube as I was falling asleep.

They were related to confidence, worrying, stress anxiety, sleep, ill health, sadness, grief.

Some are hard to listen too as the voice was too funny and I would start laughing, but others were good.

I can't say for 100% they worked. They were not for drinking, even though I have 5 years without a drink.

But I did fall sleep to some
But for free, they were worth a go.
Somedays I used to look forward getting home and going to bed and listening to my video, so there was something in them as I used to have issues falling asleep and used to dread going to bed.

Also paid for hypnotherapy for smoking and I was not impressed.
I did stop 8 years ago, but not due to hypnotherapy.
One session was not enough I found.
The desire to stop smoking got less and eventually I smoked less.

There is a big difference between medical hypnotherapy and the 'showman entertainment' hypnotherapists who claim success in just one session.

Medical hypnotherapy is used in hospitals in the UK especially in pain clinics.

Anyway, enough of me rambling.
I wish you the best x
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