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Sounds like you were pretty lucky. You got busted by your family. The awkwardness is at social functions. Replace that with busted by the police (likely local news reports etc just so everyone gets to hear) then the same awkwardness but in court, as well as the family stuff. Not to mention you didn't kill yourself or anyone else. Or lose youd licence. Yep. Pretty lucky. That time and the other times that you didn't get caught.

That's the horrible thing about being an alcoholic. We just try to drink like everyone else, and end up doing stuff that fills us full of shame, and makes other people think less of us. For us, alcohol is a thief. Cunning and baffling it steals things we can't measure and that are bearly tangible as they diminish, so we don't even notice it at first. And by the end we've become pretty adept at blaming others for our predicaments.

What is your plan for staying sober?
There is a saying: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. And this step is simple, this is the point when we decide to put down the shovel and assess how deep the hole really is.
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