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Originally Posted by behindblueyes View Post
I don't want to pass him in the halls next time I am there. We did not talk about the things I really wanted to talk about such as cravings, triggers, so on. He admitted he was a serious alcoholic "when younger".

He threw me a paper quiz and said "I hear you have PTSD so fill this out". I added it up and it said I am in a severe depression. He didn't even look at it and shoved it in a folder.

I told him I have a problem with drinking. He said "Oh you're a boozer!!" Then he went on to admit that he actively drinks. He said to me that he can have one beer and stop. Then he back-tracked and said "To be honest, they're usually tall ones ." I can understand the issue with burnout but to admit you're actively drinking and complain to a client 10 minutes into meeting them?

I felt like I was counseling him the entire time. He seemed disgusted that I was in his office. I just feel like crap. I waited a month to see this guy and my insurance won't let me transfer to another outpatient facility without a fight.
Don't waste your time with him, call and ask to speak with a supervisor and get on with getting help for yourself. Definitely don't use this one bad experience as a reason to not go back. You could also report it to your insurance company.
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