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Thanks, ForOurGirls. I appreciate the kind thoughts beamed my way, and boy am I going to need the support in court.

Yes--both our mediator and the co-parenting therapist to whom he sent us told my AH that it was to his advantage to agree to sobriety monitoring rather than going before a judge.

Instead, it looks like we're going to court where H's alcoholism becomes a matter of public record (right?), and he's likely not to get any unsupervised custody.

So revealing how my AH tried to turn it around, claiming that I should trust him (implicitly, I guess, based on the fact that no one has yet been grievously physically harmed), and that I am the one being uncooperative.

I guess he has a point: I refuse to budge when the issue concerns our children's safety, and I'm sure if the cards were reversed and he were of sound mind, he would do the same.
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