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RIP Maria
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Hello everyone!

It's raining tonight/early morning! Further North of us it's freezing rain though. In a couple of days we are supposed to get freezing rain and some snow. I've already had Jethro make the milk and bread run for us! And tomatoes! Can't have the kids running out of tomatoes!

Suzuki: I used that Roast recipe you posted awhile back on the other Thread! Just delicious! I shared the recipe with my new neighbor's wife too! Thanks for posting that recipe for others to use! I made mashed potatoes and browned gravy with the drippings out of the crockpot! Added a can of corn to go along with everything! It was a really nice supper! Molly enjoyed some of the roast too!

Jethro went to the furniture store today to pick Mom's new Recliner up for her. I called her this evening and told her to get out of that new recliner! She was going to wear it out! LOL She got a good laugh out of it and told me she was sitting in it with a chi dog on each side of her! She wanted a bigger recliner so she could pull her legs up into it beside her butt and still have room for the dogs! She told me the other day she had gone to look at recliners and she was going to use some of Dad's insurance money from his death to buy it! I told her: "Use it Mom! You can't take it with you!" He's been gone for over two yrs now!

Ever since Dad passed I've had these events outside where there wouldn't be any wind blowing and out of the blue a limb close to me would start moving. Then a wind would blow down on me! I've always figured it was Dad saying hello! So the other night when I had Molly outside I was standing around waiting on her to finish her potty job and eating grass. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind hit the tent and blew the front flaps out at me! Scared the crap out of me and Molly took off running! Then I started laughing and said to the sky: "Hello Dad! Didn't mean to ignore ya!" There was another gust of wind thru the tent and then it all stopped! Y'all believe the way y'all want to about y'all's loved ones that have passed! I feel my Dad comes around to tell me hello!

Several days after his passing I was standing outside with Molly after dark! I was crying and said: "I wish there was some way Dad you could let me know you're around?" Right after that a cat came hauling butt across the yard to run under my barn! OMG! My heart dropped to my feet! I started laughing and thought to myself! "Okay Dad! I know you're here!" He never was a cat person! I can just picture him goose'ing that cat in the butt to make it run in my direction! Sorry cat ppl! Don't mean anything bad by this!

I'm still soda/coke free! Still losing weight and inches! I eat good meals and very little snacks! And still pain med free! There are cokes, pain meds and snacks in the house too!

I had a scare yesterday! I woke up with my left arm hurting! I ran thru my memories and couldn't think of anything I'd done that would cause it to be hurting. Then when I went to bed it started hurting more and the pain went up into my shoulder too! Then my heart started beating hard against my chest! Oh Hell! I was wondering if I was going to have a heart attack? I chewed up 4 baby asprin and took a BP pill. Within 30 minutes my heart calmed down and most of the pain subsided! Shew! I was to the point I was asking myself if I needed to wake Jethro up? I didn't though! I finally fell asleep and I woke up with no problems today!

Maria was on the back of the couch this evening while Jethro and I were eating supper! Here comes Sherry running down the hallway, sounding like a small dog running, to the living room. Sherry jumps up on the couch and sees Maria. I looked at Jethro and said: "Oh boy! Here we go! Maria is looking at Sherry with that look! Don't you dare come up here!" Then I see Sherry dancing from one foot to the other while squatting down to make the jump! I say to Jethro: "Oh I see you Maria! And yes I'm coming up there with you! Watch me!" And then she jumps! Maria puts off this look of pure disgust! Maria looks at us with that look! "My parents would do something about HER if they loved me?" Then Sherry moves over to where she's right beside Maria! Maria doesn't move! But she does turn her head to where it's as far away from Sherry as she can get it! Oh Jethro and I were laughing so hard at them! Sherry was primping and stopped to look at us with her HUH? look! Then went back to primping!

I had Jethro bring Jennifer inside this evening! She's been sneezing like crazy for a week now. I've been giving her medicine every day, but with the weather turning really cold I don't want/need her any sicker! She's in Mr. Cotton's large carrier in the chicken bedroom now! I've been concerned about her not having any feathers on her belly to keep herself warm once it started getting cold for just this reason. And here we are with her sick! ARGH! Sherry won't care she's in there with her. She's used to being around large chickens from her previous home.

"You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person."
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