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Sorry for all the Thread confusion! Didn't want to go another 500 with the one year name! I'm in my 6th month past that mile stone now! Looking forward to the 2nd year off the pain meds (Hydrocodone 10MG) now!

Y'all know I've already declared "I'm NO cook" on here. So tonight I got this wild hair to try something! I had three apples that were going to go bad SOON if I didn't use them! So I peeled and diced them all up into a small pan. I added sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and 3/4's stick of butter to it! I cooked it down to where the ingriedients was a thick mixture! The apples were still solid though! While this was cooking I took a can of biscuits and rolled them out flat with a glass! I then took a spoon of the apple stuff and placed it on one flattened biscuit! Then I took another flat biscuit and put on top. I used a fork to close the edges all the way around it. I popped them into the oven for 10 minutes on 400 degrees. I then put one in a bowl and added vanilla ice cream to it. Then I handed it to Jethro! He came out here to tell me he was eating two more of them - they were delicious! SCORE!!!!!!!! LOL Those apples would have rotted away in their bag if I'd still been on the pain meds! I would have had NO initiative to try anything new back then!

And that job I did to get the pen ready for the big kids to use during the cold days? HAH! I would have had to pop lots of pills to do that! Those pills are so good at tricking me (us) into believing we can't live w/o them! There are so many other things I can take/use to help with my aches and pains now I wish I'd known this years ago!

My cactus juice helps to rid my body of the arthritis pain. I immediately know when I've slacked off on using it. Little areas start talking dirty to me. My Meloxicam helps with other aches I have! And then there's my Advil gel caps! For fevers I use my baby asprin! I never felt like these things worked for me until I got the pain meds out of my system and gave these things time to do their job! OH! I don't want to forget the Lidocain patches for my back either!

Losing weight and this stomach at a slow pace is also helping me too! I stand up straighter now compared to when I had the large stomach pulling me forward. Ugh! That is so painful on my back! My shoes are loose on my feet now and I'm having to pull the strings tighter.

I now believe we were all created from space! Yep! I came to that conclusion after watching a new Nova show! So we started off as aliens! What do y'all think about that? And rocks contributed to it! Yep! Anyhow! It's peeked my interest! Yeah Yeah I know my mother gave birth to me! But think about where the first man/woman came from millions and millions of years ago! And don't tell me Adam and Eve!

And here's something else for ya! The ground squirrels in California use shed skins from rattlers to rub on themselves and babies whenever they are being threatened by a rattlesnake! The scent throws the rattler off and it slithers away! Amazing! Ever sense I started this close relationship with chickens I've learned they are extremely intelligient as well! All species have their own unique ways to do things though! It intrigues the crap out of me to learn things like this!

Okay! I've talked enough!

Everyone have a clean day!

"You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person."
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