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This is fun...... :\

This is fun...... :\

Alcohol withdrawal , Cymbalta withdrawal , and the kids brought home a nice lil virus from school for the whole family to enjoy...

I am not sure what my head hurts from , when my head will spin next and confusion will kick in....

Sleep 14 hrs a day , some sometimes headaches and severe confusion , sometimes clarity , sometimes feels like each eye is looking at something different than gradually becomes double vision then subsides... Then the cymbalta withdrawal brain zaps kick in , which equates to migraine , then nausea , then minor tremors...

My Dr. says it will keep improving...

Is there a rapid improvement pill available??

15 days sober , hopefully this is normal progress... My Dr thinks it is....I always seem to enjoy all the fun of PAWS and protracted withdrawal when I quit...2nd time around DOES SUCK...

Anyone listening , hear me...If ya quit once , stay quit if ya can.. What a weird ride...
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