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Originally Posted by soberwolf View Post
Way to go on 17 months Tod next month you reach 18 months XO
Thanks Soberwolf!

Actually? The 7th of each month is another month for me! The date I started this journey was 7-7-2014! I didn't intentionally pick that unique date for my start day either. It just happened that way! LOL

I was wanting off the pain meds and the first good chance I had to start the detoxing I started it! I had too many other events that prevented me from having at least a week to detox off the meds before anything else I had to be a part of occurred! And be damned if my family didn't decide to get together on my 7th day clean! ARGH!

My big old nephew walked up behind me on that day and playfully shoved me out of his way. I almost hit the dirt! Jethro was the only one that knew I was coming off the pain meds! My family all know about the different times I've been on/off the pain meds. I didn't see any sense in bothering them with it again.

I know y'all are thinking: "What excuses for not starting earlier?" The first was me sitting with dad on third shift at my parent's home the last week he was alive! Then mom moved in with us for a month! (She's like a pizz ant on speed)! Everybody decided to have Thanksgiving at our home too since mom was here and we didn't want to have it at my parent's house so soon after dad's passing. Then there was Christmas coming up! Then the New Year! Mom moved back home and then Jethro got real sick. He was sick for three months! Not long after that he had surgery on his wrist! After Jethro recovered from surgery and could take over caring for everything around here? I started my detoxing!

I kept myself on a low amount each day so it wouldn't be so hard to come off them. My biggest problem was my RLS during the first month. Thank God I'd been using the prescribed Carbidopa for years for my RLS. I used a lot of them to help me get thru the first month off the pain meds!

Now y'all know a little more about my story! And Kz? I wasn't even long winded either!

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