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Hello Everyone!

TB: I want to thank you for your story! Will be waiting to hear the next chapter!

Kz: Thank you for your story too! One hell of a story to bounce back from!

I'm glad all three of y'all - Kz's husband included here - are all doing well and sticking to the clean road!

I'm at one year, five months clean now! Still haven't touched any cokes either! My body is rebelling against me right now for that and not partaking of junk food too! Sigh! Jethro is killing my dieting! I'll make my herbal shake to drink and will be doing good! Then an hour later he'll holler he's hungry. So I go inside to cook his meal and of course smelling all that food makes me want to eat part of it! ARGH! He also thinks I'm starving and demands I sit down to eat with him! I want to just yell: "I'm not hungry and I damned sure don't want to look like you! Too overweight!"

His back was hurting real bad earlier this evening! I wanted to tell him: "You're going to hurt more right now because you're coming off the pain meds!" But I kept quite! I keep thinking he'll learn, but he hasn't yet! I know he's off them again, due to how loving he's been! He thinks I can't tell when he's popping the pills. Oh but I know!

TB: Winter's going to eventually find you! It's 32.9 degrees here! Burrrrrrrr! I was out and about earlier in the evening! It was cold out there! I'm now sitting in the porch room with Molly on the floor and Marvin in his carrier! I've got the heat bulb plugged in for Marvin and Molly. I've also got the gas stove turned up too! It's nice and toasty in here now! Jethro and Maria are already in bed. Little Sherry is asleep beside the large mirror in the chicken bedroom on the floor. I've got a black light bulb turned on close to her to keep her warm. I sleep in a cold bedroom! Don't want no heat in there! Molly doesn't like it hot either while she's in her clothes basket asleep in my bedroom!

We are asleep and awake at all hours in this house! Someone watching our place to rob would be very confused on a good time to do it! The poor pizza delivery guy the other day encountered our large dog growling and barking at himself before I knew he was here. Magnum feels if you don't belong here? Then you've got to answer to me first! Including predators! When the chickens see or hear something out of the ordinary? They commence the growling too! Who needs alarms when I have all these pets to tell me somethings wrong? LOL

Wishing everyone a clean day!

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