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It seems to be every-other-one for likey/no-likey on the Windows software. I liked Windows 7, that's what I was using. I hear 8 was a problem child.

I just feel like I should grab it while it's free and not wait till I have to pay for add-ons, which is what they're threatening (who knows.) Plus I kind of asked around and people seem to like it. There are a lot of sort of spy-like features that I think I turned off. Whatev. It's too late now - I'm in the future, baby. I know at some point they stop having good support for older versions. I mean, I liked Vista. I'm glad the self-install was pretty much one-click.

Meh. I'll figure it out. I'm sober and smart!...where's the Control Panel? LOL, I'm using windows search for everything because I'm not readily seeing the navigation.
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