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Originally Posted by LexieCat View Post
Glad to hear from you! And glad your ex finally got nailed--he is one scary dude.

Have you let the prosecutor know he's subpoenaed the girls? You can contact the victim/witness advocate, who might be able to help with counseling for them, could probably be in the courtroom with them, etc. Either way, they should be getting some counseling, and you might want to talk to the school counselor.

The Prosecutor knows... I hand delivered the subpeonae the day I got them and the victim advocate is well intentioned but doesnt seem to grasp how ****** up it is to even THINK that the kids should testify.

The girls have a therapist out of school and she's horrified too.

It hasn't yet been brought up to the girls that they might have to testify...

Im making a fairly big deal of this issue and have told the Prosecutor I can see having the kids be recorded perhaps and their testimony shared in court but that Im willing to be in contempt before Ill take them to court to have to be grilled by xAH's lawyer.

So... the Prosecutor is a great guy and has been very communicative with me and is in chats with xAH's criminal lawyer to see about a plea deal for him (which clearly was xAH's plan all along-- use the kids as pawns to try and get a better deal).

Honestly... who subpeonaes their kids?!?!?!
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