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I just had a converstation with my XAH this morning over child support, which he has not paid in 10 Months! I had told him he could waive it while he was looking for a job, 10 months ago! This morning I told him he is going to have to pay up regardless b/c I cannot afford for him to continue not paying.

He acted like I am the worst B in the world. This is the first time I have even addressed this in 10 months.

I did not react much b/c what's the point? I plan to call the state by next week if he has not coughed up some money by then. It's super fun.


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I have found this thread so helpful as I gear up to do my own leaving. And SadInTX, this really resonated with me. It's one of my AH's favorite quacks...what a "nice guy" he is.
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