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I received the book today!

I feel kind of weird posting in this forum.
I looked at the Rational Recovery website and really could identify with it. I had never really heard of it before. What led me to it was the fact that the mental chatter in my head would not stop and it seemed i could do nothing about it.
I have a bit more control mentally than i think i do. Quitting smoking was no problem for me after 18 years of doing it. There is something to that. I'm going to tap into that and see if i can use that mental set up towards my taper.
I did some research online about vitamins and minerals and how important they can be during a taper/detox.
I purchased l-tyrosine, a couple of strong b vitamins, E, a strong multi vitamin and some homeopathic remedies for the leg cramps and rls I've been having.
I'm down to 1 mg. Actually a little less. I had an appt with my regular doc and we discussed everything above. He also prescribed Buspar, a non narcotic anxiety med. He also prescribed Tramadol, however, I've used it in the past and it didn't seem to do anything for pain, so I'll have to do my homework on that. Of course he recommended exercise and finding a hobby or something i can really get into. I do love my job so I'm fortunate there. I'm a florist so i get to play with flowers all day!
I'm also very excited about reading this book, Rational Recovery. I know it's different from what a lot of people do but if it works for me, I'll try it! I'll keep posting. This site is awesome!
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