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Originally Posted by courage2 View Post
2) It shows a disrespect for forum members as individuals. If people could choose whether or not to receive the newsletter, those who wanted it, would simply say "yes". Instead, the business behind the forum puts those of us who don't want the literature in the position of either having to do a negative (if minor) thing, or else have something we don't want foisted on us. What's the point? To maximize distribution of promotional materials that will no doubt contain advertising and will also do considerable implicit advertising of the entire "recovery" industry, which is looking more and more disreputable to me -- and I'm not alone in this -- by the minute.
I'm in agreement here. What's especially starting to irk me now, after thinking about this a bit, is the fact that it's pretty clear that many members here DON'T want this as a mass emailing... yet it doesn't matter. It's going to happen. Must be because something else is more important now than the welfare and/or choices of the members. How is that OK?
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