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Hello 26th day!

Checking in on day 26! I honestly was dreading writing anything until later on today because I had a challenging day.
The babysitting went good today but I ran into someone today that used to make me very codependent. I also ran into someone I knew from my teenage years. Running into the individual from my teen years was not a really bad thing but it definitely threw me off. As you know in early recovery, we don't like surprises. But I tried to look at it as positively as I could. I remembered that when I was friends with this person many years ago I had not even accomplished half the things I have today as I got left HS. It reminded me of a time where I was a confused teenager with the fear that "high school would never end" and it did end and great things happened after that time in my life. So I relate it back to recovery. There are days I feel like I'm in HS all over again when it comes to recovery. Sometimes I feel like hm maybe I won't be that guy that gets 5 or 6 years sober just like in HS I thought it would NOT end but after being a college grad and traveling to many place I realize that things that never seem possible happen if we just remain patient and make the effort So instead of feeling out place and mixed with emotions with seeing an old friend I will remember how far I have come and how sobriety maybe not right now at this moment but one day very soon will give me an entire new set of friends, experiences, and accomplishments.

I don't have anything super major coming up the next few days until DAY 30 so hallelujah. I hope Mothers Day goes well for everyone. Remember, holidays are just another day we must put ourselves and our sobriety FIRST this weekend. We can't control some of the things that God/Higher Power puts in front of us BUT the way we react (staying sober and calm) is UP TO US.
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