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How does your higher power guide you?

Hey my names Nick and I have around 20 months sobriety. I go to AA and I've been praying more lately and I've also been thinking about GOD more also. I have been questioning what GOD actually is. Now I do have a set of principles that I try to live by...being honest, tolerant of others, respectful and other stuff. Just being a good person. Now I know there's a big world out there...especially outside of our little universe. In all honesty I don't even know what GOD is. I do have a higher power which is the principles I live by...but I don't know if there is someone watching over me and giving me strength to go through life. I do have GoodOrderlyDirection...I do know that. This whole GOD thing can be confusing, at least to me because everyone had their own ideas. I feel I am doing well in my recovery but GOD still leaves me unanswered questions. Btw...I heard Bill W. Was an agnostic? So when he came to believe I wonder what was his higher power? Was it similar to mine or full blown GOD making things happen in his life for a reason.

I would love to hear what everyone has to says. Help me understand...please.


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