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Tools for your sobriety tool box:

1) Invite a sober friend to go with you (if possible).

2) always have your own transportation so if you need to bail it's not a hassle.

3) don't let any alcohol ever touch your hand, pretend (in your head of course,) that even the glass, bottle, can is contaminated and will burn you. Don't carry someone else's drink. Don't get someone else a drink. If necessary ask someone to come with you to help carry it back because your hands will be full of a water and your own non-alcoholic drink.

4) make sure your phone is charged with sober people's phone numbers programmed in. If you need to, excuse yourself from the party and call someone, if they don't answer, call the next person etc.

That's what I do. Since I got sober I know who is a real friend and who was just a drinking buddy. I don't get invited to too many events where the host doesn't know I'm sober. And I've declined things like watching my friends' band play because it was in a bar.

I do what ever it takes to protect my sobriety. It comes first no matter what. My sobriety is even more important than my family. It's more important than a friend's wedding. It's more important than my job.
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