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Originally Posted by doggonecarl View Post
One of the things the newly sober don't quite grasp is how much change is required to successfully recover from alcoholism. Change in what we do, where we go, who we engage with socially. Drastic change. There are many aspect of your old life you are going to have to let go off...not just the alcohol. And some of the things you will have to let go off, at least in the early weeks and months of sobriety, is, "weddings (bachelorette parties), graduations, birthdays, the list goes on."

I would also advise not to do too much worrying about summer drinking in April, four days sober. Just worry about not drinking today.

Good luck.
Yes. There are two recipes that spell disaster:

1. Attending drinking events in early sobriety.
2. Not telling anyone you've stopped drinking so having a drink is as easy as "Sally, would you pour me a gin and tonic?"

I did both before my final and successful attempt at sobriety and inevitably drank again.

I often justified drinking by the importance of the event. My best friend's bachelorette party? I'll go and not drink.....I'll go and not drink much.....And drunk. I'll start tomorrow.

And the events keep happening. Like Scott, I go to things that are not drinking parties. I always have a glass of soda in my hand.
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