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So glad to hear that Lexicat! It makes things so much easier on everyone, especially the kids.

My ex-husband has been in serious recovery for a few years now and we truly get along great. He spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with us (my family) and my daughter was the happiest kid on earth to have all of us together. Although we went through some very rough times and the divorce process wasn't fun, he's always been respectful of my family and me. We work together for our little one and I'm so very grateful for that. Hadn't always been like that, it was definitely a process to get here, but I'm so happy we did.

Although he'd like to try to work things out, I don't feel I ever could go back there again. It crossed my mind while my recent ex and I were breaking up, but I realized (thankfully, for once!) that it was just my terrible fear of being abandoned and the initial loneliness and hurt that had me thinking that way. I got past it and at this point, I'm truly enjoying being single and having him as a good friend/co-parent. As a matter of fact, I'll be having dinner at his house tomorrow night with him, our daughter (he has her the week after Christmas) and our dog, lol. I kept the dog, but I often take her there to visit when I go. I think she took our divorce as hard as the rest of us did and she really enjoys visiting dad too! Not to mention that my daughter LOVES having her fur sister play with her at her daddy's house.

The guilt of raising our daughter apart also had me considering getting back together, but I realized that what really matters to her is him and I having a great relationship, whether we're together or not. He and I get along 1000x's better as friends/co-parents than we did at the end of our relationship.

Not the conventional way, but it works for us.
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