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AA as "stealth Buddhism" - article from AAAgnostica

Thought this was an interesting article posted today on Buddhism as a practice rather than a belief system in AA - AA as "stealth Buddhism" | AA Agnostica

...particularly, the last three points noted near the bottom of the article:

"Quit taking it personally. Or as Bill Wilson’s physician Dr. William Silkworth said, “There is a tendency to label everything that an alcoholic may do as ‘alcoholic behavior.’ The truth is, it is simply human nature… Emotional and mental quirks are classified as symptoms of alcoholism merely because alcoholics have them, yet those same quirks can be found among non-alcoholics, too. Actually they are symptoms of mankind.” Dharma practice is a method of exploring human nature and seeing clearly how it plays out in our personal sitcoms. Steps Four, Six and Seven, Ten and Eleven provide this opportunity.

Don’t get hung up with concepts and ideology. The Buddha cautioned his early followers, “Don’t believe anything anyone says, even if I say it, unless it makes sense to you”. For example, I remain thoroughly skeptical about the notion of reincarnation.

Direct experience trumps theory every time. Don’t be a Buddhist, be a Buddha!"
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