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Originally Posted by desypete View Post
this one quote in the book has my back up, i agree with it all apart from the last part were it says nothing absolutely nothing happens in gods world by mistake

my son died a horrible painful death to stomach cancer 2 years ago he was just 16 years old
his fear of death and me in the position of parent who couldn't do anything to save him other than care for him while he was dying is the cruelest thing in the world i have ever faced in my life, what the hell wrong did my little boy ever do wrong to anyone ? he was the kindest kid in the world yet he had to suffer so, his words were its not fair as he broke his heart crying as there was no dam hope for him and at 16 having to face he was never going to live well how the hell would anyone else like it ?

so if nothing absolutly nothing happens in gods world by mistake then it would mean that this god thing sat back and watched my son die in such a cruel way
i dont believe anyone in there right mind would do such a thing not if they have the power to save people
so i think who ever wrote that part in the book never considered kids dying at the time of writing it as to me its one of the parts in the book i have to ignore as i know its not true in my eyes.

as i said the rest of what it says is true and bang on the button. but that god side of it i wish they never included it i really do.
I am so sorry for your loss, my most sincere condolences.

I also have no answers as to understand completely what Dr. Paul meant when he wrote that. All I can do is share my experience strength and hope here about how I understand it. I think first of all to come close to understanding ("nothing absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake") you have to believe in God and have God as the object of your faith. Then you have to believe that God in His infinite Power loves man and the world enough to allow the freedom to use our will power any way we want, what ever the consequences are. Disease is present in the world and how it got here to begin with I have no answer. I do know that God cures some and some are not cured, why I don't know, but I still believe and trust in God (This is the essence of my Faith).

For me to understand this statement I take the two words "God's world" and I put my faith in God, not the world. My faith teaches me that God set everything in motion and what all happens is not a mistake, good or bad.

I feel for you and your loss. I also am no stranger to loss. My father died an alcoholic at age 51. my mother died of alcoholism at age 58, my son committed suicide in 1991, my wife died of an overdose in 1995, I have a step daughter who has been missing since 1995. I do believe alcoholism to be a disease that walks through our lives like all diseases (alcoholism is a disease because it has a beginning, progresses, and the end result is death if not arrested)........Vietnam in 67 and 68 took a big chunk of my mind and spirit. Working the steps honestly has been my greatest asset in overcoming PTSD.

I believe you also have PTSD I am here to tell you, you are not alone. We can talk any time you want, send me a message and I will call you.

I love you and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

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