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Originally Posted by Joe Nerv View Post
I know this is OT, but I'm curious if you ever posted about this by itself here? I'd really like to know what other people's thoughts are regarding this... The whole idea of undeniably bad things, happening to good, innocent people. I think it's a spiritual stuck point for many.
no i havent thought about posting a topic on it joe ? i dont know if it would open up a can of worms or not to be honest ?

when i read the post containing the reference to the book i felt i had to comment on it as i agree with it all except the last part and i gave my reasons as my son being the problem as to why i can not accept that side of things

i know its hard for many who do believe in a god to even understand as they take what is written in the book word for word as gospel

but then there not the ones who had to watch there little boy suffer and die so they dont have my life to live. dr bob and bill w would have written something totally different in the book had there been someone in the fellowship out of the first 100 members had lost a child i am sure they would of thought about that part of the book a bit more in an understanding way

as i still try to live my life joe trying to be good and kind and trying to help others if i can
this is what has been passed on to me by aa a new way of living life and rejecting selfishness

that means i have to sit there in meetings and listen to people tell me how happy they are that god loves them and has protected them from harm and protected them from losing there kids or jobs or homes etc

i have to not think well what about me ?

i think thats what the guy was doing when he was swearing at the meeting as he knew the women didnt like it maybe she had some how stamped her way of doing things into the meeting ? maybe the guy was showing that if people are really working there programs and really trying to live and let live then maybe they should be able to sit there and cope with swear words
like i have said before if all in life they can find wrong is someone saying a rude words then there going to suffer big time should they ever have to deal with a real problem in the world

that doesnt mean of course that i would say its ok to swear in meetings but it does mean i am prepared to sit there and let people do so without me trying to get them to conform to my way just because i think its right

i have to sit there and try to feel happy for others who have dam good lives in aa and have so much to feel grateful for

i could scream at times when i here some people complaining of such small things in the world and yet to them it is a huge problem
but at the end of the day i shut my gob and let them get it off there chest as its important to them and thats what matters
its not about me or my way
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