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Originally Posted by desypete View Post
my son died a horrible painful death to stomach cancer 2 years ago he was just 16 years old
his fear of death and me in the position of parent who couldn't do anything to save him other than care for him while he was dying is the cruelest thing in the world i have ever faced in my life, what the hell wrong did my little boy ever do wrong to anyone ? he was the kindest kid in the world yet he had to suffer so, his words were its not fair as he broke his heart crying as there was no dam hope for him and at 16 having to face he was never going to live well how the hell would anyone else like it ?

so if nothing absolutly nothing happens in gods world by mistake then it would mean that this god thing sat back and watched my son die in such a cruel way
i dont believe anyone in there right mind would do such a thing not if they have the power to save people
so i think who ever wrote that part in the book never considered kids dying at the time of writing it as to me its one of the parts in the book i have to ignore as i know its not true in my eyes.
I know this is OT, but I'm curious if you ever posted about this by itself here? I'd really like to know what other people's thoughts are regarding this... The whole idea of undeniably bad things, happening to good, innocent people. I think it's a spiritual stuck point for many.
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