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Are you going to pre screen all your comments in advance and check with everyone in the meeting to see what might offend someone?

Some people are offended by cursing, others overtly religious comments. I've heard of people who are offended at the mention of kids because they can have none, some object to different ethnic phrases, all sorts of potential insults. Are we to self censor ourselves to a point where we tiptoe around the point? Shall we be afraid of anything we might say, dare it might offend someone?

No. The onus is in the listener to choose to be offended or not. If it offends their delicate sensibilities, it is for them to figure out why.

And what other people think of me is none of my business.

This road you are on, getting offended by what someone else said on behalf of another party who may or may not be truly offended, is really you trying to run other peoples programs, IMHO.
"Know thy self, know thy enemy.

A thousand battles,

a thousand victories." -Sun Tzu
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