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dont even know where to start...

so ill try to make this brief and feedback would seriously help me emencely on the journey im on. my mother was a drug addict until I was about 16. she successfully kicked drugs. but then got involved with her boyfriend who is a real winner. she then began drinking with him about 3 years ago and living with him they pretty much don't pay the bills and sit around and drink all day. she sells her medication to make money. and is in horrible shape.

although my mom has done some pretty awful things and put me in some pretty bad situations shes still my mother and I still love her even if I have to put distance between us right now. her addiction to alcohol has gotten so bad shes gained a lot of weight and had some health problems and scares. im 25 years old and at a point where I can say to myself even if everyone else has given up on her I still need to try atleast once in a big way to get her the help she needs. I worry every single day about when I will get the call that she is dead and its a call I don't ever want to get.

today I woke up with fresh prospective and did a bunch of phone calls to see what resources are out there. and everything I have looked into has been a dead end. I certainly cant force her to go to a meeting because as they say you cant stop an addict only they will stop when and if they want to. my other ideas have included fileling a section 35 which in massachuetts says that she is a danger to herself and others and puts her in rehab for a month but to me that seems incredibly harsh and forcing an addict will just make it worse. my final idea which is one im keene on is doing an intervention. I made a couple of phone calls and they were telling me they cost up to 5000 dollars something I just don't have as someone who just graduated and I don't know anyone in my family who has that kind of money. and at the moment im stuck I really just don't even know where to go from here.

if anyone has any good resoruces or advise it would be much appreciated.

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