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This morning has been rougher than yesterday so far. Still at 0.5mg Xanax and 1 amp in the AM. Sleep wasn't too bad early in the night, but I definitely felt rough when I woke up. I had a nefarious, nervous energy when getting up. My morning cigarette blunted it somewhat, but it wasn't just the nicotine. The best way I could describe it is the nervous restlessness when trying to go to sleep while dopesick (albeit in a mild form).

Last night at dinner my wife offered me wine a few times. At first the offer was for a glass of wine, which I refused. Then the offer was for me to just taste it, which I also refused. So, on the alcohol front things have been going well.

Thinking back on yesterday, one thing that I am puzzled by is why I didn't have a massive hangover. I'm not complaining, but it just seems strange.

Mama - I can't even imagine giving a 9 year old one of those medications. Was it for ADD? I always find it a little ironic when people describe children with ADD performing better academically with meds. Well, no ****! Little Johnny is hopped up on amphetamines all day.

YoungTom - You are right on about coming off of the SSRIs. I watched the wifey go through that, and it looked incredibly terrible.

I actually took the Wellbutrin specifically because it is a DNRI rather than an SSRI. My, clearly faulty, rationale was that it would help offset the amp withdrawal better than an SSRI. I am going to ask the doctor what he thinks happened. He is probably going to find me annoying for asking esoteric questions like that.
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