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Weaver- I know you're asking Windancer & I'm curious to know what Windancer will say too. But I thought I'd try explaining my perspective.

I identify more with the pagan ideas, but I'm sure that there's a lot that I do not know. The ideas that I resonate with are that the earth is sacred; my spirituality is very earth-focused; the connection between all things seems sacred too; & not harming is fundamentally important to me.

Yet, I don't practice as part of a pagan group, and I don't deliberately practice alone either (other than to be with the earth and be in awe and to know that I am part of the earth/universe). Sometimes, I go to a local buddhist meditation center. I like meditating and listening to the dharma talks, even though I don't agree with all their concepts. From meditation and buddhism, I like the practice of accepting everything as it is.

To me, buddhist and pagan beliefs have a few things in common- not harming & the connection between all things seems significant in both & seeing myself as part of a greater whole/earth/universe. To me, there is some underlying similarity in how both philosophies feel to me, but I've never known if other people see or feel a similarity.
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