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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
Hi BlondeTangles,

A day program? Sounds like what is commonly referred to as "out patient" rehab. Or rehab after work or etc.

What they can do is attempt to educate you on addiction and offer solutions to move forward. You will most likely be introduced to the 12 step model of recovery and urged to attend AA meetings. It is usually a mixed bag of people. Could be as few as three people to up to 8 or more. From young to old. The older are usually fighting alcohol addiction, the younger usually street drugs. Some are there voluntarily and some are there to keep the PO off their backs. Some are good and some are, well, not so good. It will give you an opportunity to interact with other addicts and see the similarities you have with them. Sometimes it can seem like a day care center, sometimes there is an active group of folks who wish to learn how to overcome addiction. Best I can offer.
Good luck.

Oh, and as for helping your sobriety, the only thing that will ensure that is your willingness to take is seriously and commit to not using.
Blonde, I'm doing an IOP (intensive out-patient) and LBrain's synopsis above is pretty accurate. I've found it helpful to talk about my addiction and meet others struggling similarly. However, as noted above, there will be some people there forced by the legal system (as with any rehab) who are somewhat of a nuisance to the program because they don't really desire to quit or they deny that they have a problem.

I would consider it, I'm on day 37 and it's helped me a lot.
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