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Gosh, I appreciate your wisdom, especially when my brain has been pummeled, and I can barely get my thoughts organized.
He has been doing this for a long time. I let him do it from early childhood. tantrums, badgering. I wish I had been wiser then. Was I overcompensating for my mom who would not even let us speak our minds about anything, without slapping our mouths? We could not ever say what we thought, and I always wanted my children to be able to. Seems I over did it! oh well. not going to say more, my arms are sore from last nights pushups...lolol

I want him to be out of here, and in a safe place, more than anything.

Venus, thanks for sharing that. Alcohol does that to lots of people. My son wasn't drinking though. I could excuse drunken rants, but a sober abuser, hurts more.

we do have something like that here. and I have their number. also of the domestic violence hotline. in case. but I am not worried about it much , since I see that his rants have a stopping point. a great big tantrum, like Leelee said.

well friends I will head to bed now. am exhausted and have to work tomorrow. my TGIF is TGIS..
thank you, so much.
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