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It seems to me that many examples in the Big Book that turn into solid recovery are of people who fro one reason or another, did not want to take the help offered. However, a strong theme with them was that they were willing to talk honestly about their drinking and their inability to stop.

In these cases the AAs continued to work with them, after each relapse helping the newcomer to discover the cause. The desire to stop drinking was the key. These folks wanted to get sober and were honest about their drinking. Eventually their efforts paid off.

Not drinking is not a prerequisite for AA. It is the desire to stop. And the very reason we came to AA in the first place was that we could not stop on our own power.

If your prospect is, even with the knowledge that you will not judge her, unable to be honest about her drinking, then you are fighting a losing battle. Honesty, open mindedness willingness. These are indispensable.
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