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Its been a long time

Decided I needed make a visit and just let yall know I am still alive. But I dont come with any changes. I have really let myself go to levels I never thought in all my years using. But thatsy fault. I found the cure for my crack addiction however. A man that has all but treated me any kind of way a man should treat a woman. I have lost everything I own. Homeless for the first time in my life. Feeling sorry for myself because Im the one who loat everything..y apartment..even my dog Bless. And nobody seems to care. The ones I loat it all trying to save it all. And I ended up losing it all. I crossed a line I swore I wouldnt. I have become an occasional IV uaer. But its not really my thing. I dont really get the whole thing. Too much work and supplies into that. plus Im mot fond of puking for hours. So thank goodness foe that. So I already see it coming. What am I going to do. Probably what I always do. Nothing so why come here. Dont know. Meed to be lectured and need to get it out to sober people. Maybe this will be the time it clicks. Im so sick ofyself. Its pathetic. I dont even try. I will own that. I want to bit I am so comfortable on misery. That has tp be it right?
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