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Originally Posted by LightInside View Post
Wow, Ziggy. It's still a shock no matter how much we see them self-destruct, no? I am so glad that you weren't with him anymore when this happened. It would have probably been a very complicated grief experience. I imagine you will still grieve, but that there is a larger degree of detachment and acceptance maybe. Wow. I'm very sorry for everyone's loss involved. Keep doing your good stuff.
Thanks for this, LightInside. It was an extremely painful breakup but I am glad I was able to get some distance before this happened, I would have probably died myself if he did this while I was with him. Right now I need to work on letting go of the past again but this reminder was just so sad. I am working on my own way of grieving, not sure if I want to go to the memorial service. His friends were not too keen on me and I'm sure there will be lots of drinking involved for them.
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