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Originally Posted by DaveyT View Post

As I have said before, without being able to admit things to this forum I would have just ended up drinking. So thanks to everyone, and the persons I have contacted privately know I have an extra thanks aimed at you.
Then I'm glad you have SR! I know what you mean in a way; drinking used to be my way of coping with everything. Literally anything that went wrong in the slightest way was an excuse to get plastered. But since I took that option off the table I've actually found myself coping a lot better. I guess we all have legit coping skills but many of us never use them because it's easier to rely on chemical self medication.

I also recently had a personal experience that quite rattled me, and probably will for some time. Just for an instant part of me thought I might as well drink, but that was just a fleeting thought.
I realized I could probably go on drinking like this for maybe two or three more years, or live for another two or three decades...but not both. Suddenly the choice became crystal clear.
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