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Holy carp I've just been reading back at my old threads and wow, what a misery guts I have been!

It's so easy to see in hindsight how being either engaged in active addiction or not drinking and instead just simmering in resentment lead to more drinking.

Oh my the self pity! In hindsight, I can see how some things I thought were really true and real at the time were either completely imagined in my own head, or nowhere near as bad as I perceived them to be.

I hope this means I'm getting better. Despite identifying 4 new sobriety dates, and those are just the ones I posted about here. I guess that having some years and months sober at different times has helped me to grow. I can honestly say that my life is fine. There's not a thing wrong with it and I feel fine about myself EXCEPT when i pick up again. Then I quickly become suicidally depressed.

At 6 months sober, I was writing about how horrible my life was and how bad everything was. I just didn't see that the problem I had was untreated resentment. I can see that as clear as day now. Clear as day.
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