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Dealing with my brother and mom

This is my first post, i am 49 yrs old happily married woman trying to deal with my anger towards my brother and mother, i need help with talking or a book something to help my anger.My 46 yr olds brothers last relapse that i know of happened a year ago, he broke into my best friends home.I begged my friend not to call the cops and my brother begged and cried not to tell his wife,son or mother mind you he has been on meth and shooting it for 20 yrs or more. My family and mother know some of his past but think he has been clean and sober for 8 yrs! Which he has not, im angry bc i feel i am guilty and enabled him and am angry at myself but my brother is so manipulative he turns it around and blames me and says if i say something and tell mom than its my fault and it will kill our mother if she knows!!!
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