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Take care of you first. If he is drinking and drugging those two things take priority over everything in your boyfriend's life. Even you and your well being. He cannot and will not engage in any fruitful or meaningful discussion about your relationship while he is actively using.

My alcoholic addict husband got fired from his job yesterday because he didn't show up on Friday because he was passed out drunk. Meaning we lost a huge chunk of income right before th holiday snooping season and a bunch of other big bills are due. What does he do? Look for another job? Go to a meeting because he is stressed out and wants a drink? No. He blows a hundred dollars on beer and crack. And then comes and asks me for more.

Him doing this is jeopardizing your sobriety. I am an alcoholic. I relapsed in August and am now on day 8 working and struggling to stay sober regardless of my ass of a husband's actions. Take care of you.
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