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Question newcomer - divorce with child

I have struggled for two years with several questions:

If the soon-to-be-ex alcoholic spouse is still actively drinking, how does the sober spouse best protect their young child in a divorce, given that the law presumes almost 50/50?

Here are the facts about STBX:
* Six to 10 beers per day plus a handle of vodka (hidden) every few days
* Wouldn't do inpatient, dropped AA
* Failed random alcohol tests at binge drinking levels, recently
* Verbally abusive and once violently shook child

Attorneys say the best I can get is an injunction against drinking several hours before and during possession. Al Anon folks say don't require testing, Soberlink, etc., because of course you can't control the drinking. I accept that I can't control it. I just want my child to not be in danger, physically or emotionally.

Why would state legislators pass a law that presumes it is in the best interest of a child to have as much contact as possible with an angry, abusive alcoholic parent?

Do I have to wait until our child is physically harmed or is driven drunk (with an arrest and conviction) before a court will do something?

I used to pray that God would help me be able to protect our child. Now I am praying for God to protect our child.

Thanks, and I appreciate the sanity I get from reading SR.
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