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Hi Amy,
I'm going through something similar to your situation. My husband's alcoholism is rooted in Quebec where he was molested over 30 years ago as a child by female teenagers babysitting.His entire family are alcoholics including his mother who is under 5' high but can down a whole bottle of wine every night alone. She would throw get togethers and leave bottles of booze out in the open for her adolescent sons to finish off while she would take off with her friends.His parents separated while he was a child and his father moved out to Alberta and became sober through AA and stayed away from his kids and started a new family as a born again Christian. My husband is approaching mid life and is having a crisis.he doesn't want any more treatment with CAMH or AA and he hasn't had counselling with a psychotherapist in months.I'm seeing the worst of him now and there will come a time soon when I will say goodbye to this person who doesn't want to get help and make changes.he is behaving very manipulative,lazy,selfish,,angry,tormenting,jealou s etc and acting too broke to fix.he is destroying the lives of myself and my kids and he better call it quits for good soon on the bottle before I call it quits on him.

Amy do you have kids with him?
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