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Thank you all. I will call 911 if he comes back high. I will probably refuse to let him in the house if he doesn't bring another person with him. I just can't trust him like this.

He definitely has been having periods of paranoia and hallucinations. He woke me around 2 AM the other night because he heard a train crash. We don't live anywhere near train tracks, so whatever he heard, it wasn't that. Then a few days ago he freaked out and accused me of not letting him leave the house. Then I told him he was scaring me so he got angry and left, then came back in tears. He is a mess and I realized this weekend it is getting significantly worse, which is why I made him leave.

Less than 1 month ago I had never seen spice have this effect on him. Now he seems high more often than not. It makes me so sad and I wish I could help. But our kids are old enough (3 & 5) that I don't even want them to see their Dad acting this way. I have to protect them. I just feel stuck and don't know what to do, although I feel getting him out for the night was a good first step. He has no keys and I have made it clear he can't stay with us anymore.

I just know that eventually he will run out of money - and work - and then things won't be pretty. That scares me.
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