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In some states you can "force" him into rehab. I would start by calling local outpatient rehabs and beg someone in your area for more information on what you can do. You can call the police precinct and ask for advice. If his life is in danger, this is not an over reaction. Of course he may be angry, but honestly... would it be better for him to be dead or angry with you? They may be able to connect you with other programs for "mentally ill" persons who refuse medical care. I believe addiction is considered a disease in the eyes of the law (even though its illegal) If he is a danger to society it's the police in your areas business. At this rate.. sometimes being locked up so he can "come off" some of the drugs may not be a bad thing. However, look into forced rehab. Only a few states allow it. I hope for his sake.. your state is one that allows it. Good Luck.
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