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Originally Posted by jerect View Post
The first time I filed for divorce from my ex it felt like I was abandoning a sick child rather then divorcing a grown man who made some very bad choices that were destroying our marriage.. The second time I filed, the time I actually went through with it, it felt like I was divorcing a very irresponsible man who acted like a child and who cared about nothing except getting high...

I honestly wish I would have divorced him the first go around, it would have saved me a lot of heartache and grief... No one says that you can't get remarried one day if he really shows that he's serious about his recovery... Right now take care of you and do what's best for you, not him or anyone else but YOU!!
I, too, have felt as if I was abandoning a sick child rather than an adult. I had stopped to recognize the person I fell in love with. There was a complete stranger standing in front of me yet looked and sounded like my husband.

How did you detach and focus on living for you?
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