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Smile Antabuse and sleep

I am on my second round of taking Antabuse. It has not interfered with my sleep at all. The first time around I was with a whole bunch of other people in rehab who were also taking it. We'd ingest it, under supervision around 4:00PM.

If you think it's interfering with your sleep, maybe you can try taking it midday with food? Just a suggestion. It works and stays in your system no matter what time of day you take it.

Like others, I think your sleep issues have to do with your body adjusting to do without alcohol.

Truck on and please, no matter the temptation, do NOT drink on antabuse. I conveniently "forgot" to take a pill for three days at one point, drank, and got as sick as a dog. I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack, in my thirties. The only thing that kept me from ER that night was taking a bunch of anti anxiety meds, pacing and praying to any deity that would listen to my prayers. Desperate times, you know....
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