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You are on a sinking ship and you need to get into a life boat and paddle away as fast as you can. You can always go back for survivors later……….meaning if he ever does decide to get clean and work a strong recovery program and has sobriety under his belt for a long while you can meet up with him again and see where you both are in life.

Don’t try and save him, he’s not a believer of recovery and he may never be. If there is any one person in all of this that needs savings it’s your CHILD. You need to put that child first and advocate for a safe living environment.

We all think we have no where to go but we all have to let some of our pride go and reach out for help to friends, family, community services and any other program that could help you and your child.

Put as much though and energy into your child’s life as you currently are into HIS ADDICTION and you’ll be amazed at the things you will be able to do for YOU.
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