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From alcohol to food

I stopped drinking wine 2/28/13 . My doctor prescribed a drug call anabuse. If I drink alcohol I will get violently ill ... and I hate hate to be sick! So, no more alcohol. I have a counselor who is helping me deal with life without the alcohol escape! Now I find myself in the throws of a food frenzy!! I think I've just switched habits...? I decided to ask my Dr to recommend Lapband surgery for me. "I think" it would be similar to using antabuse, even though I know I have to eat. To me, having the lapband would greatly limit my food intake or "I get really sick".. Makes sense to me. My Dr. sent me back to the gym and to a dietician.. I am 64 and have been on every diet out there. My biggest problem, as with alcohol, is the flucuation in my willpower... I need a strong tool to help me. Has anyone experienced what I'm going through? Has anyone had gastric lapbanding? I really need some strong advice... I am 5'3" and weigh 220 pounds... I am so full of anxiety and no motivation to do anything.
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