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YAY Kim!!
Yes, after much arguing with my boss at about 330pm I am taking of today. See by the time she discussed this with me (via text btw) I had already confirmed appointments and I said as much.
Plus I told her that I do not plan to take any time next week so she'll have me all week next week to do both the other office in NY and our office. Her last word on it was "I should have asked her if the LWOP was okay or not" therefore absolving her of some of the guilt she probably felt for even telling me at 330p that I would not be off on Thursday. LOL
So today, dropped DS off at daycare, then ran and turned in bottles (soda pop that is), next ran to the farm to trade out the moldy loaf of bread DH picked up yesterday, next ran to Shoprite. We're going to have a seafood bake a la Joes Crabshack while camping this weekend. Going to do Snow crab, sausage, potatoes and corn with biscuits. Good news? No house to stink up since we'll be cooking outdoors!!
But damn it, I forgot to pick up some extra butter! GRRRR.
Also picked up some coconut latte waters that are super yummos, some Limonata (lemon soda) that hubby and I love but it is a treat that we tend to reserve to camping trips only because that stuff is EXPENSIVE! $3.69 for a six pack. I almost started looking for La Croix like Brenda likes to drink, but Shoprite doesn't carry it.
So next, taking a quick break and then going to run to the commissary for the forgotten butter and then to the PX for another glass jar that I like to use for storing more medicinal types of herbs. I just harvested a massive amount of catnip that we have growing outside. Its done drying, now just have to put it away and label it.
Next will be the yarrow. I noticed this morning its close to flowering.
Next will be laundry, and pasta salad to be made for tomorrow nights dinner.
And last, ahhh the spa.

My day (to make up for the lack of mothers day somewhat) to relax, have people pamper me, bring me water, make me gorgeous, do my eyebrows, do my hair, bring me tea. Whatever.

Can not wait! Super happy about that!

So with that all said, its 1048a I gotta get running. I have a few more things to get done before that pampering commences!

This chica is still HERE & STILL SOBER!
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