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There’s no doubt in my mind this person suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. No doubt. His mother is bipolar. He has family members that are bi polar. He has several family members that are now or have been addicted to drugs and been alcoholics. WTF was I thinking? But, oh I forgot………how “great” his future will be. Such grandiose manipulative B.S. to make me feel like I really lost something good. I didn’t fall for it but it did throw me into a horrible state of mind for the past week. Not for one more second. No way. No how.
Be careful, Madison. BPD is a character disorder, Bipolar a mood disorder, and there are distinct differences between the two. Just because his mother's Bipolar doesn't mean he's a Borderline, and under the right circumstances, anyone can have "Borderline" characteristics.

Glad to hear you're doing well.

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