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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post
That's more details than you told us before. Had you known they travelled like this would you have taken the job?

Have you ever heard of interviewing the company you want to work for? Carefully thought out questions can reveal much about the company/manager/team culture.

"What's a typical Monday/Friday like, working here?"
If either day ends with a group happy hour, would you be comfortable attending or working there and not attending?
Hi Trachemys.....No, i have never thought about any of those questions. Im not sure if i would have taken the job had i known ...... I mean, I dont know if I can honestly answer that. The situation was unique. This was the first time we all traveled together. Im an untreated Alcoholic.
I have given more info now because I can think a little more clearly. The reality has settled in and i am in less shock....less tears.....I can actually see the letters on the keyboard.
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