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Hey Dani, sounds like you are telling my story. I used to skip school whenever anyone else wanted to. Probably twice a week. I smoked too much pot, so I don't really I am also surpised that I graduated. Now that I'm older I miss it though. I used to have fun in high school, and of course, I was younger .

Now for my nightly gratitude. I am grateful that some new people volunteered to take some of the jobs at my homegroup. I was knid of over loaded being the alternate GSR, secretary, treasurer, coffee maker, and chairperson. Grateful that I could be trusted to do them all, but also relieved to no longer have to make coffee and chair the meetings! I am also grateful that tonight is my favorite meeting of the week. Speaking of which, I gotta go get ready. Hope everyone is doing well, and having a wonderful night!

Love and Hugs
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