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New/old addiction?

Hey guys,

So I am on day 19 of my sobriety and although I sometimes still feel a bit white-knuckle-ish I am hanging in there, and really thoroughly enjoying my peaceful, healthy mornings when I get up before everyone else and the house is all quiet...and I don't feel sick or panicky.

Well, so 9 months ago I quit smoking. I was drinking at the time and I figured I had to let one of them go, so I chose to ditch the butts. After about the first couple months I really settled into that quit and rarely even thought of smoking anymore. This monday I had that tight chested feeling that I used to get when I craved nicotine (it can be kinda similar feeling to the urge to drink too so I probably just wanted a glass of wine?) it was soooo bad that I went to the store and bought a pack and smoked the whole dang thing down in just over two days.

UGH! I guess I am just venting here. I smoked the last of the pack at 1 p.m. today, and am struggling not to throw on my shoes and run out for more...ANyone else have experience with quitting drinking/smoking issues? Looking for a little advice if any is out there, thanks!!!!

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