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Hi everyone

Well, SD has made a momentous decision. She does not wish to see or speak to her mother again. Sadly, this follows her mother's neighbour (who is also an alcoholic) ringing my husband on Saturday evening at 10pm to say 'they' would be over to 'get' SD in the morning. He said no, that she was not going there again, and besides it was far too short notice to call and arrange something for the following day, plus we had plans (we genuinely did). SD's mum came on the phone and shouted that he had apparently promised on our doorstep the previous Sunday that she could have D every Sunday!!! Erm, we certainly don't remember saying that! And then the shouting started. We think they had him on loudspeaker at the neighbours home because loads of people could be heard commenting and shouting. The neighbour asked to speak to me so my husband handed the phone to me and it was awful. She was screaming and shouting and saying that when SD was there last Sunday she was fine and that we were making up all the stuff about her being upset. I told her I didn't think there was much point in talking about this when they were all clearly drunk and suggested she phone back the next day to talk about things calmly. She refused, and asked me to explain what was wrong with SD, which I tried to do above the noise in the background. My voice was raised, and I was saying things like 'she's been in counselling for 9 months, do you all think that was for fun?' because they were saying she hadn't been in counselling and it was all made up. The neighbour was also trying to convince me that mum was dry. Anyway, my raised voice must have disturbed SD from upstairs where she was in bed. She came downstairs, asked to be handed the phone and said 'mum? no, well get mum then .... mum? You are an alcoholic, you are a waste of space, NikNox is more of a mum to me then you have ever been. I want nothing more to do with you. Thank you for calling, goodbye' and hung up!!! She was so calm when she said all this, bless her, and was visibly relieved afterwards. They tried calling back several times, but we didn't answer.

Last night, mum phoned our landline asking to speak to SD. I told her SD was at rehearsals for the school play (she was) and said 'she doesn't want to speak to you at the moment, so I would suggest you leave her be for a little while'. She went off on one, accusing me of poisoning SD's mind. I said to her 'are you really so naive that you think your alcoholism hasn't affected her?' and she said she wasn't drinking any more and that her daughter was fine and that all of this was our fault. I just said 'yeah, whatever' and hung up. She text SD a couple of times, but SD text her back telling her to 'go away' and has now blocked her number from her phone.

That damned woman is the bain of our lives, seriously!!!!!! Where does she get off?!!!
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